Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ira and the baby bath

Below is a story about Ira and the baby dolls - which he is extremely interested in at the moment. He also loves seeing other childrens baby brothers and sisters come into the centre. He is now much more understanding that he needs to be extremely gentle with them. The other day he gave one baby brother a very nice cuddle! I couldn't help but laugh at his attempts to bath the doll thou - as I wrote in the story I suspect there was a alternative motive! I was talking about his love of water with Alex and she was saying that Mum and Dad take him to the pool - would love to hear how he goes. To keep in mind for future - Karori Pool do some very good private lessons for kids with special needs (Thou my connection who was running them is no longer there. The tend to run them one - on -one so they can tailor them to the children's needs. Maybe when he is a bit taller and a bit more stable on his legs it would be something he would enjoy (thou with the amount he eats I don't think growing is going to something he does slowly)I suspect being in the water allows him to have a rest from using all his muscles to keep his head and body upright. Having worked with older children with physical issues and muscle stiffness they all say that being in the water is something they find extremely relaxing!

Ira on the scooters

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Ira continues to try new things. At the moment he is very keen to have a go on the scooters all by himself. (I remember when we had to push him everywhere...) If his legs get tired he will sit on the scooter and push with his feet, but I can tell he is very keen to stand and use it like he watches the other children do. I know how determined he is so will continue to watch with interest as he tackles his new interest!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ira's love for the slide

As a follow on from the story I wrote last week of Ira going down the slide. I managed to get a video of him going down!!
I swear if there weren't other children around that I had to keep an eye on Ira would have me lifting him up onto the big blue box ALL day long so that he could go down the slide!!!