Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ira on the bike

Here is a video I grabbed this week of Ira on the CK bike. He has come a long way! He is currently mastering his ability to turn corners. He is beginning to understand - but often will get stuck in a corner. Rather than try and go around any obstacle he will rather drop the bike and move on to something else

Monday, August 15, 2011

Here are some photos of Ira exploring the Ipad. He is quite competent at opening and closing applications, flicking through photos and finding various new things to try. Here he was acting as a guide for Jack who has only just started at CK. Ira is a big fan of the "bus" application. He also loves turning on the music, and watching the wonkey donkey on line. He is very capable of asking for what he wants if he can't figure out it himself.

Face Painting

These two Videos of Ira exploring with the face paint. I was cleaning up and Ira moved a chair and stood up on the bench to help me, He then discovered the facepaint tray and started playing with the cotton buds in there. I then asked Ira if he would like to play with the face paint and he said Yes. I moved the face paint onto a table for him to sit down and explore I also grabbed a mirror so that he was able to watch himself in the mirror to see what he was doing.
Since these videos he has loved exploring the face paint and is starting to cover more and more of his face as shown below!

Ira Climbs the ladder!!

Here is A Video of Ira and the ladder which Amanda brought out one late afternoon. Ira and Jaxon each took turns climbing up the ladder. Amanda then challenged them by getting them to take their hands off when the got to the top and to do a wee jump!!
You can see Ira was very pleased with himself!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ira writes

Just following up from my conversation with Jacqueline about Ira holding a paint brush as opposed to a pen I found the photo I was wanting to show her. this was taken in June:
Ira writes in his profile book