Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hiding Ira

As Nika wrote a few posts back Ira is very into exploring "hiding games" at the moment. Nearly everyday he will pretend to hide when Dad comes to pick him up - something he seemed to pick up from Edie. Yesterday while outside with Rachel I could hear Ira calling out "RoRo" "RoRo" He was getting louder and louder. I spotted his feet poking out from one of the climbing boxes. Playing along a bit I could yelled out: "Where are you Ira! I can hear you but I can't see you" Ira replied "In here!" We kept the game up for a while me wandering round the playground Ira calling out to me. Rupert came and joined Ira in the box. I finally gave in and came and found him - He was quite insistent that I get in the box with him - however I felt that I was too big! This answer didn't really satisfy Ira - but in the end he was happy to just with Rupert. Here are some photos