Monday, July 25, 2011

Ira's Photography Skills

Ira has always loved camera's since he started. Holding on to my camera and saying "cheese" would always bring a big smile. Lately he has managed to start taking photos all by himself.

Here are some examples

I do love the focus on his feet. He has gotten alot better at being bare footed. He used to insist on wearing his shoes or socks at all times but now he is happy to take his socks off a bit more often. Especially in the sleep room where he can turn putting them away under his bed into a bit of a game!

Problem solver

Here is a video of Ira and his mate doing some problem solving. They are spending loads of time together racing round outside with the "buggy" and wheelbarrow. The two have very similar interests: cars, wheelbarrows, making noise and having fun in general! It's been such a pleasure watching this friendship develop.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ira blowing bubbles!!!!

Here is a Video of Ira outside trying to blow some bubbles!!

Ira on the 'Spinning thing'

Here are some Photos of Ira on the 'Swinging thing' This is a swinging board that goes around and around in a circle depending on where your weight is placed depends on the speed you go around in a circle. Naomi helped support Ira (and kept it slow so that he wouldn't fall off!!!) It will be great for his balance and exploration he just has to remember to hold on!!!