Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ira on the slide

Ira is determind more than anything to give everything and anything a try!! He had been watching some of the other children going up and down the slide and going down on their tummies head first!! Ira would normally go down on his tummy but feet first. He was determind to give it a go though. He was trying to climb up the slide (also like the other children were doing) I asked Ira if he wanted to go down the slide "Yip" was his response. He then climbed off the ladder and made his way to the box. "Up" he would say, I then would lift Ira up onto the top of the box and Ira makes his way to the slide. He then reached out his hands to the slide and then got on his tummy and was ready to go. Unsure of how fast he would go down now head first I stood right beside the slide and sure enough he zooooommmmeeeddd down. I quickly stopped him at the bottom or else he would have kept sliding!!! he giggled and quickly said "Aden" (again) and walked to the blue box. We repeated this over and over Ira soon caught on that he could slow himself a bit with his hands and his feet and eventually I was able to step back but still be on alert at the bottom to stop him sliding off. It was really hard to get some photos but here are just two that turned out the best!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ira at Junglerama

Here in no particular order are some photos of Ira on the xmas trip to Junglerama. He had such a great time! It seemed to be an environment really suited to him - except he didn't really like the higher levels. He loved the big soft slide and went down it with Alex, Katy, or me numerous times! He was on the go for the complete two hours -he was so tired he fell asleep on the bus on the way back to city kids and we had to save him some lunch - which he had when he woke up.

Here is a story I wrote about Ira doing some artwork at the end of last year. It was neat to see Ira seek out an art activity - I wonder if it being outside had something to do with it?
Next time I will try and not interrupt him as I want to see how long he will persist at an art activity. The taste of the paint didn't seem to bother him to much - but I wouldn't say he enjoyed it either - oh well it's all a part of learning!