Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ira and Matt's scooter

Here is a learning story of Ira and his growing interest with motor vehicles. Matt brought his scooter outside for Ira and a few of the other children who wanted to see. Ira was the first one on and was hard to get off he just wanted to take it for a ride!! Hes now wanting to get into my car and go for a ride!!.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ira and messy play

I remember when Ira didn't even want to put his hands anywhere near messy play! Here he is getting in and giving it a go. I had mixed powdered paste, water, and dishwashing liquid to create a slimy messy that the children discovered you could make bubbles when you swished it from side to side (this is what Ira is doing in the second video). Ira couldn't really get hold of the spatular at first but kept on trying. It wasn't helping that it was covered in gunk - and very slippery.

Ira dances!

Sorry things have been a bit slow on the Ira blog! It's been full on! But here are some videos I took some weeks back of Ira dancing. It's neat to see him exploring moving his body to music a bit more these days - he has some awesome dance moves!

Ira's learning stories

Here are some learning stories of Ira over the last week or so! playing hide and seek, swinging on the monkey bars and wearing the city kids high heels!! Enjoy :)